Meaningful Matters: Aidan Turns 20

Happy 2013, everyone.

I hope the year has gotten off to a smooth start.

I’ve taken a few days to write my first post both because I’ve been battling a stomach flu and because I hadn’t yet decided on the year’s theme.

Last year, I settled of “Sources of Joy.”

This year, nudged in part by regular commenter and invariable straight shooter Lynn Ocbherg, I’m working with “Meaningful Matters.”

This is not to say that I’ll never again write about happiness, but rather to turn to grapple with thorny issues and other questions of the day that demand our attention if we want to have some hope of solving them.

We’ll have at all sorts of topics, from personal to political, from intensely local to completely global.

As always, questions, comments and critique are welcome.

Tonight, I’m writing about our boy, Aidan.

He turned 20 today.

His teen years are over.

He’s moving steadily into early adulthood.

Our lives are different than when we first became a family.

Whereas before Aidan lived in our home full time, now he’s home from his sophomore year in college for about another week on winter break. As dear friend Martin Clayton said, having a college-age child home is something you savor while at the same feeling like water trying to find its level.

More and more, our children are launched in the world.

And we, too, as parents mark time’s passage through our children going through the same stages where we once were.

Twenty years is not nearly as long as it used to seem.

In fact, I can see its passage stretching ahead as a blink.

But for all that is different, what has not changed is the bone-deep love, marinated in more than 14 years of life experience, that I have held in my heart since Dunreith and I first became serious and I committed within my heart to see Aidan as my son.

I look forward to dialoguing with you about meaningful matters throughout the year.


8 responses to “Meaningful Matters: Aidan Turns 20

  1. How lovely and how it expresses my own feelings as a parent of 3 grown children who are launched into the world. Every stage along the way has been a learning and challenging experience, mourning and rejoicing at the same time. From the day they are born we teach them how to successfully leave us. When we are successful they’re gone in a blink and now my challenge is to embrace and appreciate and treasure the time we get together now. Of course it’s never enough and so very precious. Connecting with them can be challenging but I’ve learned to text, facebook and chat on im!! One thing though, that is totally great about older children is that if you’re lucky , your family multiplies with spouses, pets, spouses families, children perhaps. Something to look forward to for me. But one thing that never goes away is how we still are our children’s biggest cheerleaders. Thanks for such a good appreciation of growing up, ha ha, maybe for all us.

  2. You have a beautiful and special son who is blessed with you for his father and Dunreith for his magnificent mother. His name evokes so many wonderful memories of special people: most especially Marty and Helen and Grammy and Poppy. What joy he brought into their lives – all of our lives. We love you.

  3. Jeff, you’ve been writing about meaningful matters since you began this blog. Things that mattered to you rang bells of recognition with me as by reading your posts I contemplated my own roots, family, religion, relationships, friendships, intellectual pursuits, emotional terrain, funny little ironies of life, and appreciation of the moments, minutes, hours, and years through which they course. I can’t wait to for the 2013 edition to unfold.

  4. Jacqui williams

    Hi Jeff, I know that you are busy as you know I am as well. Please let me know if you don’t receive my money order by 1/13/13 so that if you didn’t receive it by then it will be over a week and I will sart a trace on it. Being a starving student on SSDI I don’t go around throwing away money.

    1/13/13 will be my God Daughters 29TH Birthday. I was my sisters emergency call and was there when she was born on 1/13/84.

    Happy Monday. Jackie

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