Teo Lee on Trayvon Martin: A Profiled Child

Childhood friend and brother under the skin Teo Lee wrote this reflection about the murder of Trayvon Martin and posted these pictures of his son Julian on Facebook.

I am grateful to Teo for his lifetime friendship and his permission to share this with you.

A Profiled Child (A.Lee)

It’s a crying shame to know…

That my son is not safe, nor am I when I leave my house.

I grew up a profiled child, my son is one now & will be one later.

I thought the world would be better.

That HIS world would be better.

In someways it is. In the important ways its not.

He doesn’t know yet, that his future remains the same, as it was for me. 35 years older than he. I’m not ready to crush his dream though I will soon.

Profiled in my car, pulled over and interrogated just a few years ago. I guess I was in the wrong hood & up to no good.

I have lost track of how many times my freedom has been violated in this way. Too many to count. A constant reminder 3 decades old, that we don’t live in the same America as others.

My security is false. My freedom a charade. It’s painful.

A child in a hoodie will never walk home again. His life has been taken.

His crime? A poor fashion choice considering the color of his skin.

Geraldo said & Kilmead shook his head, “The hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death as George Zimmerman was.”

Can’t wear what we want or we could be slayed!

Self defense?


Death at the hand of a man protected by the “injustice system”.

A post racial society. How dare they LIE to me?

Our parents black & white fought for better. We continued the fight and it goes on today. Looks like we have our work cut out for us.

A. Lee 3.26.12

The pictures of my son were taken at the MLK Memorial about 6 months ago. We didn’t know that this is where we would be today, or that he hoodie qualified him as threatening. MLK is rolling in his grave.


One response to “Teo Lee on Trayvon Martin: A Profiled Child

  1. Powerful. Sad. True.
    Assuming we know all the facts, how will this become a catalyst for change, for justice, for a better tomorrow for Teo’s son? Some things have changed for the better in Teo’s lifetime but too much has not. This is a long road.

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