Mixing it up: writing in English for Hoy

I did something unusual today at work: I wrote and published an article in English on our website.

Now, my writing in English is hardly worthy of attention.

It’s an enterprise to which I’ve dedicated a substantial part of my adult life and in which I strive continually to improve.

Rather the outlet was different: our website at Hoy.

In case you’re confused, and I initially was at Fernando’s instructions to me, here’s the reasoning.

Many Latinos browse the web in English and read in English.

Those people, and the non-Latino, non-Spanish speaking crowd, are automatically excluded from the content we are producing by virtue of the language in which we are writing.

As of the past couple of weeks, we received the go-ahead to start running English-language opinion pieces in Hoy.

Now, we’re going for English on the site.

Today’s piece contained my thoughts about the victory of Silvana Tabares, a former journalist and relative political newcomer, over Rudy Lozano Jr., son of a renowned local activist who was murdered in the 1980s.

The contest was billed as an example of the political maturity and potentially enhanced clout of the area’s Latino community.

Want to find out what happened?

You’ve got to read the piece.

As always, question, comments and critique are welcome.


2 responses to “Mixing it up: writing in English for Hoy

  1. Really interesting. I hadnt considered you could use Facebook as source for gathering (and attributing) information but when taken from sources close to the campaigns or sources with experience that adds weight to their comments, it seems to have given you point and counterpoint on which to hang a big part of the story. Also interesting is that the buzz on Facebook did not translate into larger voter turnout.

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