Sources of Joy: More Family Vacation in Northern California

We’re midweek on our Northern California sojourn, and, even though it rained again today, we had plenty of sources of joy.

In a number of ways, the rain itself was joyous, both because of the nourishment it gives the parched region and for the many memories of walking with friends in high school that were triggered when Dunreith and I walked along West Cliff in Santa Cruz, our shoes getting more and more soaked on our morning jaunt.

I finished off Michael Lewis’ debut book, Liar’s Poker, in which he details both his own financial coming of age and the utter lunacy inside Salomon Brothers, where he worked successfully for a couple of years in the mid-80s. I’ve got more to write about the work, and it did reinforce to me my fortune in having been able to have sought, chosen and sought work based on my values and desire to have a positive impact on the world, rather than a pure desire to make lots and lots of money.

Dunreith and I roused Aidan, and we made our way to the Monterey Bay Aquarium on Cannery Row, which, despite being very expensive, was the site for seeing all kinds of exotic and less exotic sea life.  From all manner of seahorses to feeding octopi to penguins with name tags attached to their wings to a video that detailed all the ways humans are looking to create designs based on natural forms,  I gained new insight about the ocean’s treasures and reinforced my memories from other visits.

Driving the leisurely route up Route 1 to 17 to 280 North to San Francisco took close to three hours, and provided the kind of relaxed space in which to talk about new aspirations and visions with Dunreith in a calm, unhurried way (The state was enhanced because of the simplicity that traveling can provide: you literally are doing nothing else, so there is no need to worry or give attention to other areas.).

We arrived back in San Francisco, met our sister-in-law Annie, and walked to a sushi place, where Aidan continued to expand his culinary horizons.  From there, we took a much longer-than-expected walk to a dessert place-we missed a couple of our initial places due to temporary and permanent closures-and had the pleasure of giving ourselves something sweet to cap off the tasty meal.

All in all, gifts of health and love and making memories and family and knowledge and culture throughout the day.

Best of all, we get to do it again tomorrow.

Until then, thanks for reading.


2 responses to “Sources of Joy: More Family Vacation in Northern California

  1. I feel healthier just by reading this!

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