Sources of Joy: Hoy/Chicago Tribune collaboration on nursing homes

It took almost a year, but we did it.

One of my assignments since coming to Hoy last March has been to help design and carry out meaningful collaborations between our publication and the Chicago Tribune, the flagship newspaper of the Chicago Tribune Media Group.

On Friday, we made it happen.

Tribune health reporter Deborah Shelton and I collaborated on a story about legislative entities investigating the poor treatment experienced by residents at Center Home for Hispanic Elderly, one of three nursing homes in the state where the majority of residents are Latino.

This was a cheek-by-jowl collaboration, complete with graphics, photos and the same story published in English in the Tribune and in Spanish in Hoy.

Colleague and friend Victor Perez, our Nation and World editor, assisted with the translation, while our design team headed by Rodolfo Jimenez made sure, as always, to lay the piece out attractively on the page.

Deborah’s a true professional-experienced, intelligent, thorough and fair.  It was a pleasure working with her, and I’m optimistic we’ll do so again.





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