Sources of Joy: Quiet gifts

I’m writing throughout the year about sources of joy.

Today’s post is about quiet gifts.

By this I mean the subtle moments, or even seconds, that remind me of my good fortune in being alive.

When you’re paying attention, you can realize that there are many of them.

Here are some of the ones from today:

a. Waking up next to Dunreith after returning home from New York and realizing we’ve got another day of marriage together.

b. Hearing Mom’s Brooklyn accent and deep-throated cackle ripple through the phone during our morning chat.

c. The taste of the dough in fresh bagels when Dunreith and I walk to our favorite bagel store.

d. Interviewing a union steward in Spanish and not struggling for vocabulary or comprehension, then writing the whole post in Spanish.

e. Helping to realize the vision of collaboration Fernando and I have had for a year.

f. Working by myself in a peaceful office.

g. The inner peace of a cleaner desk.

h. The taste of tamari almonds and macadamia nuts from Whole Foods.

i. A surprise phone call from Dano.

j. Laughing hard with Dunreith during an episode of Modern Family.

k. Following up with members of the Dart community after our board meeting yesterday.

l. Writing this post.

m. Knowing that I’m about to turn in and have another day of life tomorrow.

Until then.

I hope you feel your gifts, too.


6 responses to “Sources of Joy: Quiet gifts

  1. Jeff- When you grew inside me, I was everything to you. From the moment you were born, every day you learned how to take care of yourself and be separate from me. Some of that learning took time. You were stuck with what you could and could not do with a child’s body. But you did grow up. You did leave. You did get married and create a life from dreams I do not even know about.

    When a child grows up, the adult child chooses how close or how distant to be. My source of joy is the way you have woven me into your life. You married Dunreith. I’ve watched Aidan grow up until he is in college. 28 years ago I had no idea how much joy I would have from knowing my sons in their 40’s. I had no idea how much joy I would have from knowing my daughter-in-laws or my grandson.

    Every morning I put my old fashioned phone on the bed, so the cord does not get tangled when you call. If you don’t call, I know you are busy and I can sleep or meditate a little more. If you do call, I receive a gift only love can give.

    Thank you

  2. Jeff,

    Your mother does NOT have a Brooklyn accent. She may have a New York/New England/Eastern seaboard accent but certainly not Brooklyn. That’s an accent that people make fun of. People who speak that way are often thought to be either stupid or uneducated, or both. And your mother is neither. Finally, your Nana would not stand for anyone in the family speaking with a Brooklyn accent.

    I love the fact that you’re sharing your love of Dunreith with us. I also love the fact that you’re so aware, living so in the moment that you can appreciate the sometimes small, fleeting blessings we receive.

    Jeff, in my opinion, realizing a collaboration that you and Fernando have visualized and been working on for a year is enormous! Congratulations!

  3. Steve Kantrowitz

    Right on, Jeff. Looking forward to catching up when you get back from CA.

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