Dart Society Reports wins a Sidney Hillman award!

I spend a lot of energy and time working with the Dart Society.

It’s a worldwide network of journalists who cover issues of trauma and violence.

The organization’s mission is to support journalists in telling sensitive and compassionate stories about these topics and helping them deal with the emotional impact of doing that work.

Last year, we started an online magazine, Dart Society Reports.

In January, we published our second issue.

Just recently, we got some big news that Editor Jina Moore shared with the Society community early this morning:

Dear Dart Society members,

We’re thrilled to tell you that “The Gray Box,” Susan Greene’s investigation into solitary confinement published in last month’s Dart Society Reports, has won the February Sidney Award from the Hillman Foundation.

The Hillman Foundation is tops when it comes to recognizing social justice journalism, and the Foundation’s coveted monthly prize is usually snatched up by the big kids on the block.

I’m thrilled Hillman recognized both the power of Susan’s work and the Society’s dedication to bringing an alternative kind of journalism to the public.

Congratulations to Susan!

You can find more about the award, including a Q&A with Susan, here:

You can also meet Susan and some of the people in her story next month.

The Dart Society is organizing at a panel on solitary confinement at John Jay College in New York City on March 15.

Susan Greene will join James Ridgeway, a senior correspondent at Mother Jones and co-founder of Solitary Watch; Laura Rovner, an attorney who handles solitary cases and was featured in Greene’s film; Colorado Corrections Department spokeswoman Katherine Sanguinetti; and former incarceree Brian Nelson. The discussion will be moderated by Stephen Handelman, John Jay’s director of the Center on Media, Crime and Justice. Join us!

Jina goes on to write about the extensive response the issue has generated as well as to describe story updates from Phil Zabriskie and board member Melissa Manaware Treadaway.

These are all impressive accomplishments and a fantastic start to 2012 for our burgeoning project.

Kudos all around to Jina, Susan, executive director Deirdre Stoelzle Graves and all members who contributed to the first and second issues.

We are building a publication and a tradition of sponsoring work and a way of supporting the reporters  that will make a difference to them and to the issues they cover.

I’m proud to be a part of it.


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