Sources of joy: Il Postino and life’s small pleasures.

I’ve been having a lot of fun this year with the Sources of Joy series.

It’s been a chance for me to think and write about the many gifts in my life.

Sometimes, like when I met with Manqoba Ngubo or heard from Megan Hennessy, the sources just come to me.

Other times, like tonight, sitting in front of the blank screen and thinking about what to write, the sources come through reflection.

Towards the end of Il Postino, Massimo Troisi records a series of beautiful sounds to share with Don Pablo Neruda, who had taught the dissatisfied fisherman to love poetry.

Keeping mind the beauty Troisi’s character Mario Ruoppolo discovers in the sounds of his native island, here are some of my sources of joy from today:

I. Doing a national analysis of health care coverage for my health fellowship project and learning something unexpected.

II. Applying another html function I learned last week from Joe Germuska.

III. Feeling the ice-cold air sting my face and chill my legs as Dunreith and I walked to drop off a video and pick up some food at Whole Foods.

IV. The surge in energy as I chewed tamari roasted almonds, macadamia nuts, and hazel nuts.

V. The briny taste of garlic olives exploding in my mouth.

VI. Treating myself to a green tea mochi ball after having already had a Weight Watcher’s fudgesicle for dessert.

VII. Hearing the contentment in Aidan’s voice on the phone as we talked for the first time in two weeks.

VIII. Learning the dates in that people in Dad’s hometown in Germany will hold an event in our family’s honor and knowing that he’ll be in the town for the first time since he left in 1939.

IX. Chuckling with Mom as I was the first to wish her a Happy Valentine’s Day.

X. Hearing the sounds of Spanish while I work.

XI. Ticking items off my task list for the day.

XII. Falling asleep on the El after a full day at work.

XIII. Receiving frank and wise counsel from Frank Ocbherg.

XIV. The sense of anticipation while making a reservation for Valentine’s Day dinner.

XV. Kissing Dunreith before we eat.

XVI. Writing this blog post.

XVII. Knowing that I’ll wake up in the morning and have a chance to experience more joy.


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