Ten things you may have missed today while Wikipedia was down in protest of SOPA.

I.  #Factswithoutwikipedia is a very entertaining hashtag.

II. After a 9 for 12 shooting night against the Knicks, Steve Nash is shooting 64 percent from the field this month.  That’s higher than Shaq used to shoot, and an awful lot of his shots were dunks.   Nash turns 38 next month.

III. There are 22 athletes who have more than 2 million Twitter followers.  The top two are soccer players: Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo.

IV. At different points during the City Council meeting today, Rahm Emanuel looked like he was channeling Benito Mussolini or Richard M. Daley.

V. The Chicago ward remaps are supposed to give 13 majority Latino and 18 majority black wards, but those numbers shrink when you look at the voting age, rather than total, population.

VI.  Taking notes in English of a native Spanish speaker who prefers English now but was being interviewed in Spanish and having poor handwriting dramatically increases your margin of error.

VII. Chicago will be the first city to host both the G8 and NATO summits since London did it in 1977, when Jimmy Carter was in the first year of his presidency, the Internet did not exist and jogging was a national craze here in the United States.

VIII. Heard on the Internet: “That’s so 14 seconds ago.”  Where do we see that sense of time leading?

IX. Facebook is expected to pass 1 billion users in August.  That’s, well, one in every seven people on the planet.

X. A Thai journalist who exposed corruption and wrote about land issues was gunned down recently in Phuket, a city better known to the outside world as a vacation resort.

Back to Sources of Joy and students tomorrow.

Sweet dreams, everyone!


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