2012 Theme: Sources of Joy.

So we’re about 12 hours into the new year and off to a good start.

I’ve meditated, taken a walk with Dunreith, and bumped into, and made plans with, dear friends Craig and Stacey.

Aidan, perhaps unsurprisingly, is still sleeping.

This year will be my fourth of doing the blog, and  I’ve decided to again have a theme to anchor many, if not all, of the posts.

Last year’s theme was difference makers.  I posted about it quite actively for the first couple of months, then lost a bit of focus after starting working at Hoy.

This year I’ve got a new one: sources of joy.

I’ve picked this theme for several reasons.

First, I’ve found that identifying an area of focus helps to be more aware of it.

Second, I love hearing from other people about what makes them most content.

Third, after learning those things, I like to find ways to share those experiences with the people who matter most to me.

I don’t see this as an everyday item, but rather an area of attention that will be present throughout the year.

These can be moments big and small, rites of passage like graduations, the elections of presidents, the overturning of governments, or holding hands with a loved one and kissing a baby’s cheek.

For me, a source of joy that I’ve already had is waking up next to Dunreith, knowing that we’re still married and that we’ve got another day of life together.

How about you?  What are your sources of joy? What makes you happiest?

We’ve got all year to share.

I look forward to hearing from you.


2 responses to “2012 Theme: Sources of Joy.

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  2. Joy?

    Sitting by the fire all New Year’s Day with Michele, after a couple weeks of exhaustive, festive family events.

    Watching Isaac (8) and Lee (6) playing pool at Tommy Nevin’s like a couple of veteran pool sharks. Witnessing their Mom, Lizzie, pour her love on those boys after a 12 hour work day.

    Hanging out with the nephew and nieces over the holidays, as we listened to Danno and the Ode boyz rock it out at the Tonic Room.

    Working with Ella (10) on her spelling bee contest prep, listening to Eden (8) play piano for the first time, and their Mom, Jess, relaxing with a head stand in the middle of all the activities.

    Sitting with a couple of professors who are dedicating their lives to addressing global warming by encouraging businesses to transform the way they produce goods and services.

    And a joyful shout out to the mostly young eco-activist friends who are determined to create a more sustainable, loving, and just community of sisters and brothers, one day at a time ….

    Brittany, who is fleeing her destructive past, shedding those long, heavy chains, and dusting off those ragged, beautiful wings to fly, soar towards the rainbow of hope, just around the bend…….. fly, fly, fly my dear friend….


    A Rilke poem….

    Sunrise on Lake Michigan!

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