Climate Change Chronicles, Part II

Mati Matabatha remembers when she was able to grow plenty of food on her 10-hectare farm in her native Limpopo region in South Africa’s northeastern corner.

But she hasn’t been able to harvest crops for the past two years due to the area’s extreme heat.

“The sun is very hot,” she said.  “It burns all our things.”

These include crops like avocados and animals like her 50 cows.

“I am sick and tired of this climate change,” Mathabatha said.

She’s also tired of the thousands of delegates at the United Nations Framework on Climate Change Conference’s inability to come to a binding agreement to reduce carbon emissions.

On Friday, she gathered with hundreds of other people at Speaker’s Corner, a park near the International Convention Center to protest that inaction.

Here are some images from that action. Mathabatha is in the first picture.


2 responses to “Climate Change Chronicles, Part II

  1. Women…Guardians of seed, life, earth…now we can add the tag “activists”

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