Happy Birthday, Dunreith!!

Dunreith with her mother helen in Wilbraham this summer.

The official day has come and gone, and it’s never too late to let the blogosphere know that yesterday was my beautiful wife Dunreith’s birthday.

Thirteen years have passed since we first celebrated her birth together, and an awful lot has happened in that time.

Courtship. Engagement. Marriage.

Raising a son from boyhood to manhood.

A career switch.  A move from the East Coast to the Midwest.

A home purchase. Establishing a community.

Caring for failing parents and burying them after they have passed.

Preparing Aidan to go to college, and, this past weekend, being with Mike as he married Annie.

In short, we’ve built and shared a life together, so much so that, while I remember life without Dunreith, it feels in some important way like we’ve always been connected.

Thank goodness we have.

With her blend of frank feedback and gentle nurture, Dunreith has helped me become a more considerate, more engaged and more alive person.   I learn from, and am inspired by, her on a daily basis.

Please join me in wishing my wonderful wife a Happy Birthday and a rich and fulfilling year ahead.

Happy Birthday, Dunreith.




One response to “Happy Birthday, Dunreith!!

  1. jeffkellylowenstein3

    Hey Dunreith,
    Happy Birthday! You’ve had a roller coaster of a year – I hope one of the high points will be celebrating your birthday with Jeff. His open letter to you on the ‘blogosphere’ lets us all know what you mean to him. May you have a long stretch of time forward in which you can enjoy each others company and love.

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