Dan Middleton’s Political Punditry, October 4

I took a small hiatus to accumulate more information to share. Additionally, it has been pointed out to me that less frequent newsletters will be more useful to those of you who are interested in what I have to say, and the links I provide, but don’t have the time to read them when they arrive 3 or 4 times a week. Point well-taken, so while I will continue my newsletter project, the frequency will drop to give those who are interested the time to absorb what I send.

As far as the Republican Party and the media’s attempt to find anyone but Romney to run against President Obama, good luck. ( By the way, I enjoy typing “President Obama” regardless of the errors made along the way. Considering the unceasing systemic, structural problems he is trying to fix, with no help from the GOP, I forgive him his errors, want him to do more, but am relieved he is my President, and I will do whatever I can to get him re-elected.). It seems Rick Perry’s star is falling very quickly to earth. Indeed, he may be finished because the far right of the GOP suddenly doesn’t like him after they discovered he was being sensible about the children of illegal immigrants in Texas. He will no doubt fight back against Romney, whose glass jaw of shameless political pandering has yet to be cracked, but it seems likely that with a compressed primary season quickly approaching, Perry has little time to swing and make his punches effective.

So now, we are faced with Wall Street’s favorite son, Mitt Romney, whose 200 million dollar fortune was done the new-fashioned way: buy struggling companies at fire sale prices, lay off most of the employees or ship their jobs overseas, sell the reduced, shell of a company at a profit, and move on. The company ultimately is liquidated? Tough. Because after all, that is known in Adam Smith Speak as the “invisible hand of the market” doing its job. And, for better and worse, that is the monetary orthodoxy we live by; however, when most of the populace is struggling, adherence to that orthodoxy is callous and short-sighted. We need economic stimulation propelled by government, not Romney-World where the sharks fight over the scraps, with the biggest shark swallowing a majority of what is left of the carcass.

Romney really is something. Utterly soulless, he will adopt almost any position the right wing demands, regardless of the fact that such positions completely contradict things he said he believed to become the governor of Blue State Massachusetts in 2002. Take abortion: naturally to win in MA, he was pro-choice, now he subscribes to the extreme, opposite view that life must be defined as beginning at the moment of conception, which would criminalize all abortion and most methods of birth control (most prominently, the pill). Abortion is a fraught topic, but the rights of women to decide how to manage their bodies is fundamental and must be defended against the constant efforts by those who would leave such matters to the state. Roe v. Wade has been whittled away for years, but it still is the law of the land. Under President Romney, with his 2 picks or more to the Supreme Court, it will be overturned.

And then there is this. You may have heard about audience members at a recent GOP debate booing a video question submitted by gay, active duty member of the armed services; he wanted the candidates to express their views on gays in the military. That all of them want to repeal the new law of the land which ended DADT is unsurprising. But people did notice the silence of each candidate: no “This person is a member of our armed forces; he does not deserve to be booed” came from any of their mouths. Subsequently, a few who know they have no electoral chance said the booing was inappropriate, but not Perry or Romney.

And though this incident is not nearly of the import as so many of our other problems, Romney’s cowardly, fork-tongued, non-sensical word salad explanation as to why he did not speak out either during or after the debate is indicative of how desperate he is to cater to the right wing. A small incident which should echo long and loudly in the ears of those who value comity and justice in the face of bigotry.

President Obama, who got rid of Bill Clinton’s DADT, had these strong words on this issue (which succinctly foreshadows his rebuttal to anydrivel Romney will speak in the upcoming months):

“You want to be commander in chief? You can start by standing up for the men and women who wear the uniform of the United States, even when it’s not politically convenient.”


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