Gearing Up for the Dart Society Fundraiser

So I’ve put in some solid mileage this weekend in preparation for next Saturday’s fundraising bike ride for the Dart Society.

The purpose of the ride is to raise awareness about, and funds for, Dart Society Reports, our new magazine.

Yesterday I went down the course that will make up the bulk of next week’s route.

Specifically, I rode about 4.5 miles down the Lakefront Trail, and then pumped on down to the South Shore Cultural Center, 18 miles away.

As compared to the last time I did this ride, when I was drenched in rain shortly after getting, the weather was cool but dry, with very little wind in either direction.

As a result, the experience was qualitatively different, especially on the return.

I remember vividly huddling under the entrance to the cultural center with Justin and Maya and talking with Dunreith, who told me the ride home from Wilson was “horrible.”

Indeed it was.

It took me more than two hours to return to the head of the trail.

Yesterday was completely different.

I got myself juiced with a coupon-purchased venti mocha frappuccino at the Starbucks on 71st Street, and, fueled by caffeine and sugar, mounted my steed an headed back.

As opposed to last October 2, when I rode a lot of the time in 12th gear, I was cruising along in 21st or 22nd gear.

I made the 22.5 mile trip home in just over 90 minutes-a time that actually was faster than the trip time down.

My legs felt strong on what was the second-longest ride I’ve ever done, and I felt that I had earned the more than copious amounts of mouthwatering and stomach chicharones, carnitas and chicken tacos I consumed at Hoy design head Rodolfo Jimenez’s house and washed down with Tecate and Sol beer.

Rodolfo’s wife Carmen prepared the meal with care and skill, and I felt ready enough to do the century next week, even as I imagine I’ll be very tired next Sunday.

I’ll keep you posted and appreciate any support you can offer in the meantime.



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