Eight Days Until the Dart Society Fundraiser

I'll be riding my bike to raise money for more issues of Dart Society Reports.

The countdown’s on, people.

In eight short days, I’ll pack my back pack, get on my bike and start to ride.

The goal: to ride 100 miles.

The purpose: to raise awareness about, and money for, Dart Society Reports, our new magazine that we launched in August.

For those of you who have not gone there, I suggest you do so.

It’s got Jacques Menasche’s movie, journal entries and story about his son Emanuel and his classmates’ experience of 9/11 at the time and a decade later.

Emanuel’s class was right near Ground Zero, so they had a particularly intimate vantage point on the horror.

The issue also has more than a dozen members sharing their own September 11 experiences.

These range from David Handshuh, who was injured while shooting the attacks, to John Moore writing about being in Chile, where the date is known as the day Augusto Pinochet overthrew the democratically-elected government of Salvador Allende.

We’ve already had some exciting impact from the project.

Our new member Jim Lehrer had a 10-minute version of the film on his show to kick off their weeklong coverage of the buildup to the tenth anniversary.

Jacques spoke to a large crowd at Columbia University.

And the film was featured on Nieman Reports.

These successes show what we can do, and, to do more, we need more resources.

Hence the fundraiser.

Some of you may remember that I rode 100 kilometers, part of it with Dunreith and Aidan,  last year in the driving rain and howling wind.

This year marks the second annual fundraise for the Society, and, fortunately, I’ve got company.

Devin Maverick Robins, Michel Marizco and John Trotter will be riding in Southern California, Arizona and New York, respectively.

Each of these people is highly accomplished as a journalist and as a biker.

I’m thrilled that our group is expanding and hope that you can support us.

You can do so in any number of ways.

You can donate to the Society.

You can spread the word through social media.

You can do some combination of these things.

You can do something I have not mentioned because I have not thought of it.

I’m planning to go for a big training ride tomorrow, and to do my regular commuting next week, contingent of course on how things go with Dunreith’s mother.

I’ll keep you posted and appreciate anything you can do to help.


3 responses to “Eight Days Until the Dart Society Fundraiser

  1. Hey, Jeff,
    Advice from a veteran fund raiser. When you write, “You can donate to the Society.” make it a hot link we can hit and donate immediately. You know, put it right in front of our faces like retail stores do with those items they place by the cash register, those ‘impulse items’. This is a great cause. Make it easy for us. I just went to the Dart Society to contribute.
    How’s this for that link?

  2. Egg on face department. I tried the link before sending, doesnt work now. I’ll bet you can find a better link or way to get us to the ‘donate’ page!

    • jeffkellylowenstein3

      You’re right about that. I thought the same thing after I put up the post.

      Will remedy right away.

      Thanks for the umpteenth lesson!


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