Dan Middleton on Obama’s Speech

President Obama finally got his moment in the spotlight to present his plans to further stimulate our struggling economy. He was at his very best: passionate, precise, confrontational in a subtle way which projected a confident strength that his argument was the winning one. And wouldn’t you know it! I just spent an hour typing lots of brilliance, and poof! gmail lost it for me. So I am annoyed, but not much, because the speech forcefully put the Republican House on the spot. Over and over, the President said, “Pass it now!”–a $450 billion dose of stimulus desperately needed. 

The American Jobs Act is far more comprehensive than anyone expected. It is a bold challenge to John Boehner and the presidential contenders. Be on the right side of history, or suffer the consequences.

How effective could it be. Not perfect (what is?) , but it would give a much-needed boost to the economy. 

Andrew Sullivan wrote the best analysis of the speech. I urge you to read it. If you would like a transcript of the speech, here it is.


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