Dart Society’s on the News Hour!

As many readers of this space know, The Dart Society just launched Dart Society Reports, our online human rights magazine.

The first issue takes another look at the September 11 terrorist attacks, which happened 10 years ago next Sunday.

The issue’s centerpiece is ‘The Class of 9/11,’ a documentary film by Jacques Menasche, whose son Emanuel attended school near ground zero.

Tonight, Jim Lehrer, who joined our organization earlier in the summer, and the folks at News Hour played the following clip to end the show and kick of a week of anniversary coverage.

This is a milestone in our organization’s history.

I hope you enjoy the clip. If you like it, check out the entire piece and the rest of the magazine at http://www.dartsocietyreports.org.


5 responses to “Dart Society’s on the News Hour!

  1. I had already watched the whole documentary on the magazine site, but the way it was presented on the newshour made tears come. It was very very moving. All the Dart Society members should be proud of this accomplishment and be motivated to continue their efforts to cover trauma news with even greater dedication and passion. Your work is very much appreciated by this observer.

    • jeffkellylowenstein3

      Thanks, Lynn, and nothing but appreciation for and gratitude to you for your support of my blog, the Society and our beloved Frank!


  2. I watched it last night. When the DART Society was mentioned I said to Jane, “Jeff’s the president of the organization.” She was amazed, and it is amazing all you do! Congratulations.

  3. Just weeks ago, you told the story of reaching out and connecting with Jim Lehrer. A group of Dart Society members, you as president, the E.D., and founder Dr. Frank Ochberg and a few others, impressed him with your mission, your passion, and your knowledge of Lehrer’s own career arc. Lehrer was so impressed he became a member and offered, “What can I do to help?”
    This documentary produced by one of your members,Jacques Menasche, is an extraordinary start and fits with Dr. Ochberg’s statement “the challenge is to give accurate voice to those whose pain is not assuaged by a sense of collective purpose.” 9/11 has to be one of the biggest challenge for any journalist to plumb.
    I look forward to visiting Dart’s online human rights magazine.

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