I’m back with a round up post.

Hey, folks,

I’m back after an 11-day hiatus, so this will be a round up/getting reoriented post.

It’s been a hectic time that’s seen me travel to Las Vegas and Zion National Park for Mike’s bachelor party, host Frank Ochberg, catch up with college buddy Dennis Downey and have a wonderfully warm barbeque with some of Aidan’s elementary school buddies and their parents by the Evanston lakefront.

That’s to say nothing of the community service I did yesterday after being dinged for driving while speaking on a cell phone without a handsfree device and of Dunreith and Aidan leaving yesterday morning to head to Rockport, where they’ve already started to make good on Aidan’s plan to consume a lobster a day for the entire week.

Dunreith’s mother Helen came in with her brother Josh,  his wife Rebecca and their three children, and her brother Shaun will join the crew tomorrow with his three kids, so it will be a full house on Gott Street, to say the least.

Internationally, we’ve seen rioting in London and other English cities, famine in East Africa and an interview last Thursday with notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy’s lawyer, who has written a book about his decision to defend “The Clown of Des Plaines” and was interviewed on a local CBS station.

Fernando rallied Jaime, Leti, Octavio and me to pull together a package about Gacy midday on Thursday, and I had the unique experience the following morning of talking with a customer at McDonald’s on our break from community service about the article.

The man had been reading a copy of Hoy, but left it at the table.  I started to read the issue, but gave it back to him when he returned after he explained that it was his copy.

We had a brief but fascinating discussion in Spanish about what we can learn from serial killers about human nature and how, this man said, there has to be a reason why they take the heinous actions they do.

He also said Gacy’s clown disguise was the perfect one for a murderer as the clown’s friendly persona could lure in unsuspecting victims.

We were just started to get deeper when I thanked him for reading Hoy and told him I had to go.

Sort of like this post.

It’s nearly midnight and I’ve got work tomorrow.

It’s great to be back, and I’ll actually say something a bit more extensive about a single topic then.

Looking forward to it.


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