Personal Finances Online Course in Spanish

Have you ever taken an online course?

If so, how has it gone?

I’ve done a few now, with varying levels of success.

In some ways, the format has all the inherent advantages and challenges of any form of conversation.  On the one hand, being  in an online forum gives people who may be shy in person a chance to reflect, write and then share their thoughts.  The courses I’ve done through Facing History and the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma literally bring together from all over the world dialoguing about the topic at hand and accompanying questions of the day. This richness is generally harder to accomplish than bringing those people together in the same room, although videoconferencing has reduced that barrier to some degree.

On the other hand, there are the same challenges of certain people dominating the conversation without the corrective that an able facilitator can provide when in the room through a quick affirmation of the ascendant voice and then pivot to another person and subject.

Beyond that, I often find the online discussions a bit more based in opinion and personal experience than in a thoughtful evaluation of available data, or even, facts.

I’m taking my first online class in sp


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