Aidan’s AP Results

Incoming parental bragging, people.

Aidan got his Advanced Placement exam results today, and they couldn’t have been better.

Three fives and one four on exams in Calculus, Physics and Psychology.

In addition to giving him a tremendous confidence boost, the scores validated the hard work Aidan did throughout the year, if not the somewhat less than rigorous approach he took to preparing for the exams themselves.

Apparently, he was plenty prepared.

The scores will give him credit at Tulane and help him enter other classes at more advanced levels than if he had not done as well.

In addition to this actual boost and the shot of confidence Aidan’s accomplishment gives him,  I am proud of him for staying the course toward the end of his senior year.

We encouraged him to enjoy the end of his high schools and to finish strong.

He has done just that.

The scores are the final piece of information to come in to the house, another reminder that those days are behind and the weeks before he heads to New Orleans approaching the numbers of fingers on one hand.

I guess that’s not quite right.

Dunreith does receive a daily notification from Evanston Township High School informing her that Aidan has a low balance in his school lunch account.

But you get the idea.

I learned Aidan’s news after biking home.

I checked on the roasted chicken I had prepared and he had put in the oven for both of us to eat, then noticed the results on a white sheet of paper with a large black “AP” in the upper left hand corner.

I called up, congratulated him and listened to him describe the experience of getting the mail, opening the letter and learning the exciting news.

I carved the chicken, prepared the gravy and we sat down for part of another episode of Top Gear, the long-running English series replete with classically dry and sarcastic humor yet surprisingly evocative comparisons.

We each washed down our  with a root beer he had placed to cool in the fridge.

The meal didn’t take long.

As it should be, Aidan’s orbit is outward and toward his friends.

I remember being the same way.

I congratulated him again, and he was on his way, ever closer and ever more ready to leave our home, head to college and make his way in the world.

Those of you who have made it thus far, thanks for indulging my paternal pride.

I appreciate it and the positive lessons behind Aidan’s impressive set of scores.



2 responses to “Aidan’s AP Results

  1. Proud, proud, proud – and rightly so. That boy reflects some darn fine parenting, inner drive and intellect.

    Hope you have a great weekend!


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