Hoy’s May page views: two million and counting!

We did it.

Early this afternoon, after returning from my Spanish class at the Instituto Cervantes, I checked our monthly web traffic through our in-house system.

We had just passed the 2-million page view mark.

Just to give a bit of context, last year at this time, we at Hoy-I used the term advisedly since I just became part of “we” a couple of months ago-used to average about 300,000 page views a month.

Earlier in May, in the three days after Osama Bin Laden was killed, we set traffic records and passed the 1-million page view mark for the most recent 30 days.

This was unprecedented, and we just kept building.

Aided by a strong response to the Nuestra Belleza Latina finale, we pushed through to a new barrier.

Today, we reached it.

Of course, volume has little, if anything, to do with quality.

We know that we have plenty of room to improve.

We know we have to keep our eyes on the print product.

I personally still have tons to learn in order to write a grammatically accurate sentence in the language in which I am working.

As a group, we’ve only just started to unearth our capabilities.

We know all this.

And yet it’s awfully exciting to be part of a team that is experimenting, that is innovating, that is embracing the Web, and that is seeing results.

We’ve got a real long way to go, sure.

And hitting that 2-million page view mark felt down-deep good, even if we all marked it and kept right on working.

Si, se puede.



4 responses to “Hoy’s May page views: two million and counting!

  1. David Russell

    Congratulations! Your qualifies notwithstanding, two million views is many! It must be exciting to be in the midst of such a dynamic process. Hasta la victoria siempre! (to use one of my few Spanish phrases)

    • jeffkellylowenstein3

      Thanks, my man, and great to hear from you, as always.

      Aidan graduates on Sunday, so I’m doing mostly family stuff until then. But let’s catch up next week.


  2. Just three weeks ago, we had a conversation about Hoy’s exponential increase in page views and your thought that two million was within the realm of possibility. In some ways, Hoy’s success is answering my question about the future of journalism in the digital age – the quality and the readership and the way a newspaper responds to the needs and wants of its constituency. Great that you make the point not to confuse page views with quality of content. Keep on truckin’

    • jeffkellylowenstein3

      Thanks, my man, as always, for the encouraging words. You’ve lead me as a blogger, so helped me be in a position to be part of the team.

      Let’s talk soon.


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