On Almost Famous, life’s fullness and feels flowing

I don’t know about you, but I loved Almost Famous, Cameron Crowe’s Academy-Award winning paean to his coming of age as a rock journalist.

Of the many classic songs on the soundtrack, the Beach Boys’ Feel Flows is the one I find bubbling up from within when I pay attention to what I am unconsciously humming.

I thought of the song today, when I was going back and forth between Dart Society stuff-I spoke with a member doing investigative training of journalists in African, met with a classmate of mine who has since become an investigator and went back and forth with Frank Ochberg, our founder and guru-and cranking on about four different projects at Hoy.

I didn’t make as much progress with some of them as I had hoped.

I continue to bungle the Spanish language in both spoken and written form, but gradually am improving in both areas.

I will fess up and say that yesterday in a piece about Lance Armstrong I put the word for the fan that whirls in a continual circle in place of someone who supports an athlete, band or other performer-a word choice that prompted major confusion from Jose Luis, our sports editor.

I also was tired this afternoon, so spent far more time than was probably necessary making sure that a figure we included in a story was indeed correct.

And that’s all part of the learning.

One of the aspects that’s so exciting for me now is that the various parts throughout my professional life-the investigative skills I learned at the Reporter, the Spanish I taught myself for a project Jon and I did together, the learning about trauma through the Dart fellowship, the follow-up skills I absorbed at Facing History, the ability to identify acknowledge people’s contributions through Paul Tamburello-are all coming to bear in ways that reinforce and build on each other.

I did not know 24 years ago, when I started in Paul Tamburello’s class as an apprentice teacher, that his turning to me and explaining the many reasons he was taking the actions he did would be useful nearly a quarter century later.

But they are.

I’m not sure exactly what tomorrow will bring.

I do know, though, that I’ll continue learning, and, in the good moments, the feel will be flowing.

More soon.


2 responses to “On Almost Famous, life’s fullness and feels flowing

  1. There’s a rich back story here that’s been part of a narrative that’s kept us in conversation for years. The two years you spent back in 4T, apprenticing/teaching with me, your fourth grade teacher 1973-74, were transformative for me, two of the best years of my career. I used to joke with you about being the only student in my 34 year career who ever got a post graduate degree in 4th grade. I still think I got the better end of the deal. Those exchanges with you as we worked together helped me crystallize what I’d learned in the first 18 years of teaching, and was, in fact, still learning. Being named Brookline’s Caverly Award recipient in 1990 for my work in training future teachers was all the sweeter for having you, my colleagues and family in the audience.
    Your work ethic, sense of humor, keen personal communication skills, and knowledge base were such an asset for me and the kids in our class. I still recall how your history lessons re the American Revolution involved the students in unique ways and the field trips we took down to the Old North Church? and the Boston Tea Party Ship as part of your plan.
    The 4T meta themes of challenges, growth, rewards; changes over time; and the acknowledgment that failure was often a part of the process was a powerful model – one that we’ve both taken to heart in our own endeavors and you write about a lot.
    Noticing then acknowledging how people change, toil, lead, take risks, deal with setbacks, do their jobs, help others when they need it, was strong stuff then and still is. Thanks for the shout out.
    By the way, I think we may be setting some kind of record, having been in conversation – and in our mutual admiration society – for nigh unto forty years, with no end in sight!

    • jeffkellylowenstein3

      Right back at you for the good vibes, my man. The only part I disagree with is that you got the better end of the deal!

      Let’s talk soon, and thanks again for everything.

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