On Life’s Impermanence

All of us will die.

I’ve been reminded of that truth more than usual recently.

Two days ago, I heard that a former high school teacher and coach died after a seven-month battle with cancer.

And yesterday I learned from reading my college alumni magazine that a classmate died last October, also of cancer.

I was not exceptionally close to either man.

Yet still learning about their passing jarred me, not only as a vivid reminder of time’s inexorable and inevitable passage, but also as a prompt to live close to my heart.

For me, that means being as fully present as possible and savoring my life’s gifts.

Fortunately, I have many of them.

Unwavering love from Dunreith, who is showing her strength yet again in tending to her ailing mother.

A smile from Aidan at last night’s lacrosse banquet when his coach told the players to thank their parents.

Sitting at my desk in Hoy, listening to the Spanish being spoken and marveling at my good fortune in working there and at the unlikely place in which I find myself.

The pleasure of riding my bike with two full tires.

The joy in finding a seat on a crowded train.

The smell, taste and color of chicken tikka masala.

The sizzling of the cheeseburger I just made for Aidan after he returned from a season and career-ending lacrosse defeat.

The cool air blowing in from outside as I write.

Memories of the last days of high school in 1983.

Tenderness in the voices of family and friends.

Forgiveness for mistakes.

An unexpected donation.

The ability to acknowledge and see visions being realized.



I know where we’ll  end, and I’m grateful for the many, many gifts I receive each day.



4 responses to “On Life’s Impermanence

  1. Lovely, grounded, conscious… a great post to start my day and a reminder to live in gratitude for the gifts small and large, that enrich my life.

  2. Wow. That was a goodie. I have been peeking in more lately. As your friend I’ve felt a small level of guilt that I haven’t read your blog more consistently. But selfishly, I’m quietly delighted. By visiting so infrequently, I’m immediately struck by how much your powers have increased as shown by the depth of “Life’s Impermanence”, the insight of “Lance Armstrong and Doping…Again” and the analysis of “Deepak Chopra and The Soul of Leadership”. Now my dilemma is do I continue to sporadically visit to swim in the surprises or do I make you part of my weekly discipline since the blog now deserves to be included as a worthy research tool. It’s probably the latter. Thank you. You, your blog and your worldview are a gift.

    • jeffkellylowenstein3

      Thanks so much, my brother, and right back at you about your worldview being a gift. I can’t wait to see you and your family next Sunday.


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