Megan Barnes heads to Africa

Friend and Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma classmate Megan Barnes is moving to Africa for two months.

Here’s what she said in a note she wrote as she boarded the plane to head to Tanzania and Kenya:

I am literally waking onto my plane as I write this on my iPhone. I am off to Africa for 2 months. I will be stopping in Tanzania to hike Mt Kilimanjaro and then I am onto Kenya to work with Agape Children’s Ministry again!

All of you have in some way or another had a positive impact on my life and have supported me through these crazy travels. Thank you so much for that! 

As requested, I started a blog and will update it very frequently. There are already about 8 or so posts. You can find it at:

Finally, PLEASE do not “reply all” if you respond to this email…. Simply hit reply and make sure it is to JUST me. I already hate sending mass emails and don’t want it to be an annoyance for others. However, I would love to hear from y’all. I meant to bcc the but it wouldn’t let me on my phone.

Thanks for your continuous support. I would greatly appreciate all thoughts and prayers for safety and to get to the top of that mountain!

Please check out Megan’s blog and wish her well as she sets off on this new adventure.


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