Dart Fundraiser a Rousing Success

More than 200 people answered our fundraiser invitation.

It wasn’t on the scale of President Obama’s 2008 presidential victory, and all of us involved in the Dart Society fundraiser at 25 CPW could wake up Friday morning and say, “Yes, we did.”

Our first major fundraiser was a rousing success by all standards and accounts.

The room at 25 CPW, a fantastically open and inviting gallery space, was full with people brimming with energy and excitement.

We had more than enough food and drink for all.

The prints that Lori Grinker had secured were mounted beautifully and, in many cases, elicited active bidding.

The speeches by Gloria Steinem and Jonathan Alter were thought-provoking,  and, in the case of Steinem’s introduction of Frank Ochberg, our founder and guide, tender.

Jacques Menasche spoke with honesty and heart about his intertwined journey as a parent and journalist during the September 11 terrorist attacks, after which he chronicled the experience of his son’s class.  Jacques had returned to those children, now adolescents, and parents for what will be the lead package in our human rights magazine that will have its first issue in August.

The music by Jeff Doctorow and Inda provided a welcoming ambience.

The attendees loved leafing through the program we pulled together and wearing the “press passes” with the gallery’s name, Frank Ochberg’s image and the Society’s logo.

Our army of volunteers, many of whom are aspiring artists and some of whom are unemployed people looking to avoid a hole in their resumes, worked valiantly to meet every need that arose.

That we first spoke in earnest about the idea in January to me only underscores the magnitude of the accomplishment.

Major kudos must go to Lori Grinker and Deirdre Stoelzle Graves, who both worked tirelessly to pull the event together and make it work so seamlessly.

Thanks must also go to all the photographers who donated a print, to members who participated in conference calls or picked up beer or invited a friend or flew in from out of town or drove from Boston or contributed to the auction or spoke at the event or attended or did any number of the thousands of actions that have to happen in order for an evening of such a magnitude to come together in such an impressive fashion.

Over the new few days, after the glow has faded and we’ve settled back into the other parts of our lives, we’ll sit back and assess what worked and what we need to do differently next time to improve.

My strong hope is that we hold that conversation under the shared understanding that this was a major feat for us.

Yes, we did.


3 responses to “Dart Fundraiser a Rousing Success

  1. I regret I couldn’t attend this ground breaking event. Thanks for filling in the details. Your DART hit the bull’s eye!

  2. Dale S. Brown

    I wish I could have been there. Frank Ochberg has certainly been a friend and mentor to me as he has for thousands of others.

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