Dart Society Fundraiser on Thursday

This print by John McCusker is one of the many items that will be auctioned at the Dart Society fundraiser in New York City Thursday night.

The countdown is in the very low single digits for the Dart Society fundraiser at 25 CPW in New York City Thursday.

The purpose of the event is to raise money for the human rights magazine we will be launching in August.

It promises to be a gala evening filled with all kinds of treasures.

We have  addresses from keynote speakers Gloria Steinem and Jonathan Alter.

We will honoring of our founder and resident guru Frank Ochberg in his hometown.

We will have the Three Acts of Trauma photo exhibit that showcases the different types of stories our members tell.

We’ll have live and silent auctions.

Oh, and we’ll also have food, wine, magic, and music.

I can’t wait.

Member Lori Grinker and executive director Deirdre Stoelzle Graves have worked tirelessly on this project since we first discussed it at the beginning of this year.

We’ve had tons of help, including the close to 50 photographers who have donated prints for the auction-Chris Hondros, one of the two photojournalists killed last month in Libya was slated to be one of the donors-and invaluable consulting help from Susan Herman.

The event will also be a reunion of sorts, as family members, childhood friends, former interns from the Reporter, Dunreith’s colleagues at Facing History, and a member of the Harvard Program all have said they intend to be there.

Dunreith and I fly into New York on Thursday morning.  We’ll head straight to the site, with plans to set down our bags at the place we are staying later.

I’ll let you know how it turns out, and I’m confident it will be a memorable evening.


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