Jack Crane proposes $10, then $25, per gallon of gas.

Would $25 a gallon be a good idea? Jack Crane think so.

I wrote earlier this week about the prospect of gas hitting $5/gallon.

Friend and frequent commenter Jack Crane had this typically articulate and passionate comment.

Those who are interested in this topic should definitely read Medill classmate and friend Christopher Steiner’s $20 Per Gallon: How the Inevitable Rise in the Price of Gasoline Will Change Our Lives for the Better.

Here’s what Jack has to say:

I propose we increase the price of a gallon of gasoline to $10/gallon.
And if that is not the highest price in the world, let’s increase it such that we have the most expensive gasoline in the world. What would happen?

We would stop driving cars – wha wha wha what??? Think about it, no more worries about your teenage kid driving drunk or your parents/grandparents rolling “slowly” thru three lanes on the Dan Ryan. We just made a major dent in global warming, and helped the courageous souls being murdered by petro-dictatorships. You see, car drivers are paying for their bullets and tanks. Is your son or daughter’s death in Iraq or Afghanistan (Libya, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc.) worth the price of your Toyota Prius?

We would start riding our bikes – 40% of ALL transportation in Amsterdam is by bicycle. It is surely less than 1% in Chicago. Think of how easy it would be to drive to work without any cars on the road. And how about this for a solution to the outrageous price of healthcare – better health! Heck, we all ride our bikes say 20-30 miles/day and our health care bills will surely decrease radically. Can’t ride a bike? All these transportation savings from eliminating cars would help us produce a world-class train system. All aboard!

OK, we have now radically reduced our transportation costs, military costs, and health care costs by increasing the price of gasoline to $10/gallon. Perhaps these savings could be used to jump start alternative energy sources like solar, geothermal, wind, etc. And if you want nuclear power, I am happy to dig a hole in your backyard for the nuclear waste.

Or better yet, maybe these billions of dollars could be used to help “finally” tear down our segregated public school system. And guess what? If we “radically” improve say the Chicago public school system (where currently 75% of the students are functionally illiterate for the 21 century), thousands of kids will walk to school thinking about solving a math problem instead of thinking about whether or not that guy up there has a gun or not.

This nut job probably wants to go back to riding horses to work! Hmmmm…
The droppings are a natural fertilizer for say organic, local vegetables and…….

The more I think about it, I suggest we increase the price of gasoline to $25 /gallon. Ain’t it worth the risk?

Is Jack right that it’s worth the risk?


5 responses to “Jack Crane proposes $10, then $25, per gallon of gas.

  1. Warn Steiner that he may hear a bellowing “Christopher Steiner” on our beloved lake. Can’t wait to see the expression of my comrades at 78th & State when I arrive with Trigger and cowboy hat tomorrow morning!

  2. It sounds great at first, but it would force many older folks like myself to resign from public service jobs we do for pennies or nothing at all. There aren’t going to be any trains from my house to town hall where I’m an elected official. I can’t ride bikes anymore and neither can many of my peers. Have you ever heard of arthritis?

    • Heard the “A” word from my doctor just the other day when I was complaining about my neck, so I am on my way to that challenge Lynn. Whatever ever kind of transportation “we” come up with as a substitute for cars in rural areas especially (I am counting on engineers like Steiner to help us here), it should be non-polluting, communal and free for seniors! 🙂

    • jeffkellylowenstein3

      Thanks. Lynn and Jack, for the dialogue. Let’s keep it going!


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