Judy Atkinson quotes Ian Bland

I've continued to learn from Judy Atkinson, aboriginal healer.

I wrote last year about Judy Atkinson, the aboriginal healer who I met in Orvieto, Italy at the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma.

Judy shared a lot about her community in large and small group settings during the two weeks, and I consider myself fortunate to have continued to benefit from her knowledge and wisdom in the months since we left in late November.

I have seen connections between journalism and mental health treatment many times during the conversations we in the course have had about how to interact respectfully and to help stimulate healing in and for others.

Here are two statements by Ian Bland that Judy shared today that gave me pause to think.  I welcome your comments on them, too.

According to Judy, Bland says there is a relationship between healer and facilitator of healing, and that it is up to the facilitator to enter that healing space with intent: ‘As a facilitator I am not only recording the story of this person but also recording the story of the person’s people, land and culture.

The Person – Sacred Story

“My Pathway is already present within my story.
As I speak with you
my story can be seen and heard
as you listen.

Listen carefully and see respectfully
and you will notice the patterns
that are inherent in my story.

My story is sacred.

My perceptions,
my processes,
my way,
my story,
are who I am.

Pay deep attention.

You are on sacred ground”.

and for

“The Facilitator ~ Honouring the Story.

Listen. Respect. Pay deep attention.

Hold a spirit of reverence.
You are on sacred ground.

This story that you record holds within itself
the patterns of the person’s own Pathway.

As you listen that pathway
will become clear as patterns emerge.

As the person reflects on these patterns
with they will see their own story
and understand their own way,
as they are ready,
through their own eyes.

Be quiet. Listen. Reflect. Trust.

There is no need to advise or direct.
There is no need to do anything.

The person will see what they are ready to see
hear what they need to hear
when the time is right for them.

The Way, as it could be, will become clear.

Listen. Respect.
Pay deep attention.
Hold a spirit of reverence.


Copyright Ian Bland 2005


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