Strange Days Indeed, Part II

A Republican official in California sent this image of President Obama in an email. Ouch.

Lest anyone think we are in a post-racial and post-partisan era in this country, I give you the following:

Potential Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, after raising the birther issue-a position about which Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer today vetoed legislation-recently said that Obama’s 2008 victory was due to “the blacks.”

This came right around the time a Republican official Marilyn Davenport  in California brought the two issues together by posting a picture of the president resembling a young chimpanzee, saying that this explained why he has no birth certificate.

She later apologized and said she was not a racist.

Meanwhile, outgoing Fox News host Glenn Beck maintained over the weekend that Obama and Van Jones support “killing the parents.” 

On the other side of the political aisle, blogger Marathon Pundit has a post in which former Weatherman Bill Ayers remains unrepentant about the 60s-era bombing he and others carried out, called John McCain a war criminal and the Pentagon a terror organization.

Ayers considers himself a veteran of America’s freedom struggle.

And, speaking of struggle, in South Africa, the hate speech trial of ANC Youth League President Julius Malema is shaping up to be a major event.

At issue is whether Malema’s mimicking of a gun whilst singing “Kill the boer” constitutes permissible speech under the constitution.

Supporters back Malema for a number of reasons, saying the song came from the period during the freedom struggle in the apartheid era and saying that places like Alexandra Township are a direct legacy of apartheid.

Others are less sanguine, contending that Malema’s words should indeed lead to his incarceration.

On a more hopeful note, dozens of leading Israeli intellectuals have called for the country to create a Palestinian state based on the pre-1967 borders.

In an ironic connection between the two countries, South African Judge Richard Goldstone has in recent weeks pulled back on his earlier report that said Israel had committed human rights violations against Palestinians in 2008 and 2009-a reversal that predictably has sparked furious comments on both sides of the conflict.

As Bugs Bunny would say, “That’s all, folks.”

What are your thoughts about where we are and where we are headed?


2 responses to “Strange Days Indeed, Part II

  1. Remember when the GOP stood for balanced budgets, individual freedom and isolationism.
    The Republican Party has run up these deficits, we want the federal government to be in our bedrooms and between our women and their doctors, we started two wars instead of ending them like the Korean War and were supposed to stop the Vietnam War the Democrats started. We have lost our way!

    So why waste our time with these fools who use their racist rhetoric, like this Marilyn Davenport and Donald Trump with his birther unproven myth, why do we allow our Fox news people to keep talking down our country. Don’t they know we can win the next election with optimism and hope instead of the current rhetoric, that the sky is falling, if we are not careful we will end up like chicken little where no one will listen to us.

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