Aidan's heading to Tulane in the fall.

It fortunately lacked the narcissistic hype of LeBron James’ regrettable one-hour television special, and Aidan told us last night that he has decided to go to Tulane.

We are thrilled for, and proud of Aidan, for how he came to his decision and for the exciting and seemingly endless opportunities that lie ahead for him.

We’re also looking forward to visiting and sampling the culinary and cultural delights for which the city is rightly so famous.

His choice marks the end of a multi-month, and, really, multi-year process.

It was not always either easy or uplifting.

But he did it, and came out on the either with three fine choices for schools, from which he ultimately chose Tulane.   He’s the recipient of a hefty merit scholarship and has been accepted into the Honors program, so our proverbial buttons are bursting.

Plenty more paperwork and other decisions lie ahead for Aidan.

Filling out the financial aid paperwork.  Which courses to take.

When to attend orientation.

And the big one, where he will be spending the next four years of his life, is known.

For that we are grateful, and we celebrate Aidan and his impressive accomplishment.


6 responses to “TULANE!!!!

  1. We are so excited for and proud of the three of you. You are a remarkable family with a remarkable son. Let the games begin!

  2. I am looking forward to the Lobster-Truffle Agnolotti at Jacky’s on Prairie for the Southern charm I set up for Aidan’s visit in New Orleans Jeff!

    My mouth is watering! jack 🙂

  3. New Orleans, like Chicago, is a storied city… politics, food, music, culture, and some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. New Orleans, where men or women routinely call you “Baby” as in “How you doin’ today, Baby?” or in bars, diners etc “What can I get for you, Baby?” And a city in which you have to learn how to pronounce words you thought you knew in entirely new ways. For example, if you pronounce Burgundy Street like the wine, you’ll immediately be branded as a tourist. Everyone knows it’s BurGUNdy Street.
    I cant wait to hear Aiden’s take on the city and wish him well on his next four years.

    • jeffkellylowenstein3

      I’ve told him a number of times he can learn from your knowledge and love for the city. Aidan told me tonight he’s already got buddies planning to come for Mardi Gras. Look out!

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