Kobe’s Homophobic Moment

Kobe Bryant argues with ref Bennie Adams before calling him a homophobic slur.

First it was the sexual assault he swore he didn’t commit. Instead he said that he furious and disgusted at himself for making the mistake of adultery.

Then it was the endorsement of Turkish Airlines that understandably upset much of Los Angeles’ Armenian-American community that did not appreciate his support the official airline of the country that to this day denies the Armenian Genocide occurred.

Last night and today Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant again exhibited his ability to simultaneously offend others while defending himself  and actually holding himself up as a virtuous person.

This time, it took the form of his calling referee Bennie Adams a “fucking faggot” after Adams had the audacity to give Bryant a technical foul.

On the radio today, Bryant displayed many of the same characteristics that his detractors have picked at over the years.

He spoke in the passive voice about “what was said.”

He repeatedly chalked the slur up to an emotional outburst at the moment that did not reflect how he truly felt.

He said he hoped other players would understand because a lot of things get said during games, implying that his statement was not that bad.

He held himself as displaying integrity by speaking about his actions, rather than just relying on a press statement.

He at one point said his actions were wrong, but also said, even though he accepted the $100,000 fine that was levied against him, he was appealing it.

Now, as I’ve written before, I’m happy to cop to the fact that being from Boston and being a lifelong Celtics fan does make a tad less than objective in assessing Bryant’s actions.

But I hope that even the most devoted of Kobe’s fans will recognize the pattern both of these types of actions and the man’s seeming inability to take full responsibility for them.

Where are the Kobe lovers on this?  The haters?  Should we be held accountable for statements we make in the heat of the moment?


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