Dart Society Fundraiser Honoring Frank Ochberg in NYC, May 12

As readers of this space know, I am a big fan of The Dart Society.

Big might actually be an understatement.

Huge probably comes closer to conveying my feelings, even as the word brings up connotations for me of steroid-filled, swollen bodybuilders.

In either case, you get the idea.

This year in the Society, we are working to implement the vision identified in our strategic plan.

The implementation has three interrelated prongs-membership, the production of an online magazine and fundraising.

Each of these elements feeds the other, and we are making progress on all of the fronts.

We will take a big step toward greater levels on financial independence on Thursday, May 12.

That’s the night that we will hold a fundraiser at  25 CPW, an art gallery at the corner of 25 West Central Park and 62nd Street.

Spearheaded by the indefatigable Lori Grinker, the fundraiser will include silent and live auctions, comments by co-hosts Gloria Steinem and Jonathan Alter, and a moment to honor Dr. Frank Ochberg. A photo show highlighting the various stages of trauma coverage by Dart Society members will be placed artfully around the room.

Frank has been a pivotal figure in the envisioning, creation and development of  the Dart Society, which thus far is composed of Ochberg Fellow alumni.

Since he is a native New Yorker, it is only fitting that the honor take place in the city which not only suffered one of the nation’s most catastrophic blows close to a decade ago, it helped shape and form him into the incisive, compassionate and wise leader he has become.

I am pasting in the invitation from our website below.  Please consider yourselves welcome to join us.

We hope to see you there.





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