Voter for Difference Maker and Brother Jon Lowenstein

My brother Jon is a Hasselblad finalist for images like this that he took in Haiti last year.


Due  to people’s support, Jon has moved up from fifth place to second!  Thanks to everyone who has participated thus far. For those of you who have not done so, there is still time.  Go to the Hasselblad site, fill out the information requested on the Product Registration Link and vote for Jon in the Editorial category.

Thanks again!

ORIGINAL POST:  My brother Jon is a phenomenal photographer.

Now well into his third decade of pursuing what is his life’s passion and work, Jon has traveled all over the world to document and tell stories in places where few others go.

Jon does not just parachute into disaster sites, snap some images and then leave, though.  Rather he spends weeks, months, and, in the case of two of his major projects, years, developing relationships with the people, coming back time and again to deepen the work and document the story’s changes over time.

His work in Haiti after the earthquake is an example.  Rather than just spending a couple of days there and leaving, Jon spent several weeks there on separate trips. He developed connections with a couple of Haitian emigres here in the Chicago area who returned to help heal their wounded homeland.

And he did it all on his own dime.

Jon’s Haiti work is one of a dozen finalists in the Editorial category of Hasselblad’s 2010 Masters competition.

The photographer with the most public jury votes wins the contest.  Jurors vote on a five point scale, so each vote has the potential to count as five points.

Thus far, Jon has 70 public jury votes.  This puts him in fifth place and in definite striking distance of leader Philipped Dudouit.

Please consider registering and voting for Jon after you check out his work. Registering entails clicking on the Product Registration link and filling out some information, but is not too onerous.

Thanks for your support!


5 responses to “Voter for Difference Maker and Brother Jon Lowenstein

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  2. Thanks for the opportunity to support your brother’s fine work. I did like his the best in his category!

  3. Wow, inspired. Good Work.

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