Difference Maker Meg Russell moves to Chile

One of Meg Russell's pictures from Santiago, Chile.

We’ve all used the expression, “the other side of the world.”

Meg Russell is living it.  Literally.

The intrepid Smith grad, budding teacher and daughter of dear friend and two-time defending Black History Month Quiz champion David Russell just moved to Palena, Chile, where she will spend the next 11 months teaching and living through the World Teach program.

Meg’s chronicling her experiences in  her blog, which you can find at: http://latitude43.wordpress.com/.  She makes the point in a post last month that she is moving from 43 degrees North to 43 degrees South.  In other words, she’s on the same latitude, but a lot further South.

Her posts combine writings about everything from Chilean books to the omelette she ate.  Meg also takes picture of subjects ranging from herself chowing on a piece of pizza in a Miami hotel to a breathtaking view of Chilean mountains.

I know that Meg’s family will miss her at the same that they applaud her courage.  So far she seems to be enjoying herself and learning a lot.

We will follow her reports with interest.


2 responses to “Difference Maker Meg Russell moves to Chile

  1. Jeff, this is so sweet! I had no idea you are my new agent! I have a bunch of new photos to post from today’s journey. I’ll be sure to keep checking out your blog as well.

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