Difference Maker Kim Komenich returns to the Philippines

Pulitzer Prize winner Kim Komenich returned to the Philippines 25 years after the People Power Revolution.

With the eyes of the world on the enormous upheaval, and possible toppling of, the Mubarak regime, it’s easy to forget that it’s been a quarter century since the People Power revolution occurred in the Phillipines.

Kim Komenich remembers, though, and he’s got a fascinating set of projects in the works from those memories.

The Dart Society member won a Pulitzer Prize for his photographs of the revolution that swept Ferdinand Marcos from power and led to Corazon Aquino, the widow of slain senator Benigno Aquino, ultimately becoming the nation’s president.

Twenty five years later, he returned to the Philippines find the people rich and poor who were part of that momentous period.

Komenich brought with him images he took from 1986 to share with the people in those pictures, and to learn from them what life had been like since those tumultuous days.

He explained that being able to go back after such a long period is a luxury that journalists almost never have, and, based on that understanding, feels enormously fortunate to have had the opportunity.

Demonstrating Komenich’s ability to stay current with the new and social media world in which we all live, he is producing a photography book, a film, and an IPad application.

We spoke in a separate context this afternoon, and he said that the streets of Egypt remind him of the eventful days before Marcos’ departure that he documented so skillfully.

We will see whether the story in Egypt ends up more like Iran’s green and crushed revolution, the Philippines or some other outcome. ¬†In the meantime, we await Komenich’s products and the story of his return with interest.


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