Happy New Year, Thanks

So we’ve done the wake up early for Dunreith to wait two hours for the dentist to fix the bad crown for third time and the go to sit shiva for a dear friend’s brother thing that somehow felt like an oddly appropriate end to a year that had more than its share of struggles.

Now we’re hammering away at some domestic tasks before heading to a friend’s Hootenanny to bring in the new year.

According to the Evite, their interpretation of a hootenanny, which originally started in Appalachia, involves people bringing whatever leftovers are hanging around their fridge or basement over and cooking, drinking or doing whatever else is the right thing to do with them.

Should be fun.

In addition to having sickness and death, this year had a lot of light.

For me, this space was full of it.

In the past week alone, we’ve talked about topics ranging from black history to high school basketball to memories of childhood blizzards to investigative journalism to the inequities of America’s school system.

My focus in the blog has shifted slightly, from straight out book reviews to reflections on subjects that weave in outside information I’ve gained from sources like books.

Sitting down to write for me has been a balm in tough times and a source of pleasure and joy throughout the year.

You, the readers, have been, too.

An average of nearly 1,000 of you came to the site daily this year-a number that is far higher than I ever expected.

Beyond the sheer numbers, I’ve been humbled, informed, moved and inspired by the comments that so many of you have offered.

This year was the second full year that I’ve done the blog, and I’m grateful to all of you for helping to make it such a vibrant space and thriving community.

I wish all of you a happy, healthy and joyful New Year Eve’s celebration tonight. I look forward to resuming the conversation next year.

As in tomorrow.

Thanks again, and see you then.





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