Another Tradition Under The Belt, Starting Martin Duberman’s “Stonewall”

Mike, Jon, Justin, Harv and I are preparing to head back to Boston after our 21st or 22nd-we never can quite decide when it started-rendition of heading to Wellfleet for what we call “Tradition.” 

I am not at liberty to reveal much of what happens, and I can say that we have a series of activities that we do each year.

One of them involves checking out the shops in Provincetown, many of which have massive sales before shutting down for the winter.

In a men’s clothing store, I picked up and started to read Martin Duberman’s Stonewall, his account of one of the seminal events in the modern gay rights movement. 

Framed by a quote by Clifford Geertz, the book tells the story from the perspective of six major characters.  

I only got about 20 pages into the work, and I already found it informative and intriguing.  I very much enjoyed Duberman’s biography of Paul Robeseon, so do think I will make the time and effort to find and read the rest of this one. 

For now, though, I’m off with the others to retrieve Jon and return to Boston to have dinner with Mom, Dunreith and Aidan.


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