Mom’s hip surgery happening now

UPDATE: Mom’s surgery went just fine.  Her heart held up well and the hip replacement was successful.  Jon and I are waiting to see her in the recovery room.

ORIGINAL POST: We’re here again.

Close to a quarter century after the February accident that nearly ended her life on a snowy New Hampshire road, and six months after she had a pacemaker installed, Mom is back at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for another surgery.

Today’s procedure: a hip replacement.

The goal is to ease the constant pain Mom has endured as her arthritic hip has degenerated to an irreparable state.

Holding visceral and unpleasant memories of her multiple hospital stays in the spring, and being generally less than sanguine about the impact of hospitalization on patients with any medical condition, Mom initially fought the need for the surgery.

The x-ray convinced her.

After going to an appointment with Jon and seeing the photographic evidence of her hip’s undeniable deterioration, Mom shifted mental gears and embraced the need for her to have the surgery.

She’s worked hard in the months since, mounting her exercise bicycle daily to get her ailing and pacemaker-aided heart into the strongest condition possible so that her body can withstand the procedure.

Her efforts have paid off, as her cardiologist recently gave a strong endorsement of Mom’s readiness.

Now the day has come.

We are optimistic that the surgery will go smoothly and that Mom will move through the arduous recovery process without too many additional complications.  We are all aware of Mom’s other medical conditions-these range from adult onset diabetes to an extensive series of food and environmental allergies-and, more basically, of the risks associated with any surgical intervention, let alone one on a 73-year-old woman.

Holding that optimism and awareness together, Jon and I will stay here today, let everyone know what is happening as soon as we can, and pick up Mike tomorrow evening at the airport when he arrives after his company’s board meeting.


2 responses to “Mom’s hip surgery happening now

  1. Glad to hear your Mom’s surgery went well Jeff. Michele had two hip replacements within a year several years ago. As you probably have heard, the first few days are difficult, but your Mom should see steady progress over the coming weeks, and in rather short order finally be pain free! Her determination to get on the bike in preparation for the surgery bodes well for the recovery period as well. Regular exercise post surgery is critical to keep the hip/leg flexible and strong.

    Greetings to Jon and go Pats!

    • jeffkellylowenstein3

      Thanks, Jack, for your kind words and perspective. Glad to hear that Michele’s recovery has gone smoothly.
      I’ve just come from the hospital and Mom continues to feel better. She’ll actually be moving to the hip replacement floor later today.

      I’ll pass on your good words and will be watching on Sunday.

      Thanks again, and regards to your crew from ours.


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