Kari Rene Hall’s love song for Orvieto

I’ve been writing pretty much non-stop the past month about the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma and the fabulous time I had in Orvieto, Italy during the two weeks I was there.

I’m the third Dart fellow to have had this honor of attending the program.  Paul McEnroe, a long-time daily journalist in Minnesota, was the first in 2008.  He took full advantage of the opportunity, telling me during our first conversation, in essence, “I met the woman I’m going to marry there.”

I informed Paul I already had a wife, Dunreith, with whom I am very happy.  He proceeded to give me all kinds of other helpful information.

Kari Rene Hall, an accomplished photojournalist and editor at the Orange County Register, was the second Dart fellow.   After last year’s experience, she wrote a lengthy piece, “An Italian love story for Orvieto,”  for the paper that headlined their travel section the day it ran.

Here’s how the article opens:

I knew I was in love when I was winding through the medieval streets of Assisi looking at relics of St. Francis, beautiful frescoes, Roman ruins and sacred shrines. And I could think only of going home. No, not my “home” home in Orange County, but my home away from home in Orvieto.

I came to Orvieto, Italy, with 53 others from around the world for a class held weekdays at a 14th century villa in the countryside. We would attend intense lectures all day and have dinner in small groups at night. By happenstance, I was often apart from the rest. In the end, my most lasting memories were often when I was alone or with a new friend I had met by chance. It was then that I felt most at “home.”

A room of my own

This feeling began to grow a couple of months earlier when a colleague who had visited Orvieto suggested that I stay at La Magnolia B&B. I should “ask Serena” for the same small apartment overlooking a square about 50 yards from the Duomo (cathedral).

Enticed? I certainly was.  Here’s the link to the rest of the story: http://articles.ocregister.com/2010-07-22/life/24647363_1_serena-love-story-orvieto


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