Roxane Assaf’s film about Truman College and the Uptown neighborhood

It may  not be the most attractive building to look at, and a lot of positive things happen inside Truman College’s classrooms.

I’ve spoken for years at friend and Truman professor Ben Ortiz’s classes, and Dunreith has worked closely in the past with Jeff Libman, another Truman stalwart.

Playwright, author, award-winning journalist and general jack-of-all-trades Roxane Assaf and I were classmates at Medill, where we were by far the oldest students in our year.  Among other aspects, Roxane has a rich family history, belonging to a Palestinian family and having grown up in New Orleans.   She worked for a long time at Truman before branching out in a number of directions during the past couple of years.

Roxane worked with Truman students and put her editing skills to work in a documentary film about the college and the Uptown neighborhood that will be screened this Monday, December 6, at 7:00 p.m. in Novar Hall, 1145 W. Wilson Ave.

A notice I received about the film said the following:

A group of student Fellows, under the advisement of Truman political science professor Bettina Maravolo, devised a way to celebrate the unique history of Truman College as a centerpiece for Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. The Fellows commissioned director Roxane Assaf to shoot and edit this half-hour documentary encapsulating two years of research and concept development.

Two-minute trailer at:

I unfortunately will not be able to attend, but, based on what I know of my friend and classmate, I urge you to do so if you can.


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