Dart-ing to Montreal on Friday

Yesterday I wrote about the countdown for heading to Orvieto, Italy, where I will be participating in the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma.

I’ve continued my reading for that experience, learning this morning after voting on the  El ride to work about the trauma Xhosa people in South Africa experience in a Cape Town township and the positive impact that community health workers can have on the rate of diabetes among Latinos, the group that is most affected by the disease.

I’ll  keep going on that front, and, before I go to Italy, I’ll have the privilege of flying to Montreal for the annual Dart Society board meeting.

I’m very excited about that, too.

We’ve worked hard at establishing our blog about trauma and violence this year, among other projects, and I’m looking forward to seeing the other board members.

I’m also eager to meet this year’s crop of Dart Center Ochberg Fellows.

They are a highly impressive crew, hailing from all over the world and having worked in some of the world’s most hazardous situations.   There are Pulitzer Prize winners like Patrick Farrell, who won in 2009 for his photography in Haiti after Hurricane Ike, public radio journalists Susan Kaplan and Russell Lewis, and international reporters like Juliana Ruhfus of Al-Jazeera and Solange Azevedo of Epoca magazine in Brazil.

Each of these journalists has the courage and guts to dig in deep to some of the most painful stories of our time.  Jacques Menasche wrote about what he and his son saw in New York during the September 11 terrorist attacks and worked with Lori Grinker on her book about disabled veterans and the aftermath of war.  Dave Philips wrote about the violence that gripped Fort Carson and committed by a traumatized group of veterans returning Iraq.

This is just a sampling of the treats I have in store.  I can’t wait to meet and eat with these new colleagues and friends, marveling all the while at my good fortune to be part of the group.



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