Bob McClory on Father Pfleger

Friend and neighbor Bob McClory will read from his biography of Father Pfleger tomorrow night.

Friend, neighbor and former priest Bob McClory will be reading from his latest book, Radical Disciple, a biography of controversial priest Michael Pfleger, tomorrow night at the Borders in downtown Evanston.

I’ve not yet seen the book, but look forward to purchasing and reading it.  In Pfleger, McClory has a fascinating protagonist, and I’m confident he’s more than up to the task of taking the measure of the Southwest Side native who was galvanized by seeing Dr. King attacked while marching in Marquette Park in 1966.

I’ve written before about McClory’s first book, a biography of Renault Robinson, and have also read his work about the fight led by lay people in the 1960s to change Catholic doctrine about birth control.

One of the major opponents: a young, ambitious German cardinal named Ratzinger, who is now better known as Pope Benedict.

McClory most recent book before this one was a plea to the Catholic Church to stay viable by returning to its spiritual roots.

Now in his late 70s, McClory does not walk as fast as he used to, but he gives me strength and inspiration by continuing to research, read and write.  I eagerly anticipate learning from him as I  hear him read from his latest work about a driven, dynamic and flawed human being seeking to make change on the city’s South Side.


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