Helen Weld’s Refugee Travels


Helen Weld with two of the refugees she has met during her global travels.


It’s just under a month until I’ll be in Orvieto, Italy along with the other classmates in the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma.

I can’t wait.

We’ve already started to introduce ourselves on line and I can safely say that everyone seems at least as excited as I am.

Last night I put out a request for people who have written books and/or articles to share them with me so that I can start to learn from, and blog about, them.

I’ve not yet get any responses on that front, but Helen Weld did send me the link to her blog about her global travels working with refugees.

As readers of her blog can see, Helen has journeyed to Burundi, Sierra Leone and Tuvalu, among other places.  She’ll travel to Haiti before arriving in Italy.

Her entries are filled with personal reflections and, at the end of her posts, pictures of the people she has met and who have clearly touched her lives.

Helen’s humility, commitment and profound respect for the people and countries she has visited shine through all of her posts and give me just another reason to look forward to meeting her and the rest of the crew in just four short weeks.


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