Fundraising Countdown, Part IV: Focus on the Dart Society

Hearing the story behind this picture by John Moore is just one of the many treats of being in the Dart Society.

I hope this series of posts isn’t becoming like the Rocky series, peaking with the first entry and gradually heading downward into utter absurdity.

I can say with confidence that this will be the final entry, so we’ll definitely avoid the Rocky VI scenario of my coming back in three decades to write again!

In any case,  I’m getting very excited about Saturday’s fundraising bike ride, which will take Dunreith and me up to Glencoe and back, and then will see me head south from the northernmost point of the Lake Shore Bike Path all the way to the South Shore Cultural Center and back home.

I’ve already written about the three other organizations for which I am raising money.

Today’s focus is on the Dart Society,  on whose board I am honored to serve.

The Society is an outgrowth of the Dart Center Ochberg Fellowships in which I participated almost two years ago.   Started by a group of former fellows, the Society seeks to create a community of, and give support to, journalists who cover issues of trauma and violence.

After this year’s fellowship class meets in Montreal in November, there will be a little more than 100 members, and we are starting to expand our ranks by having former fellows invite other journalists to apply.

It’s a remarkably talented crew of people.

In my class alone, we had a large number of courageous, dedicated and decorated journalists like photographer John Moore, reporters Kelly Kennedy and Moni Basu and producer Devin Robins.

Naming these folks is by no means intended to slight any of the other classmates or any other talented Society members.

This year at the Society we started a blog in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, and next year we are planning to launch a magazine dedicated to covering issues of trauma and violence.  We are doing this in the midst of the growth plan that will require significant fundraising work on our end.

The bike ride is part of this campaign.  Even if you don’t donate to the Society, I hope you consider learning more about our work.


17 responses to “Fundraising Countdown, Part IV: Focus on the Dart Society

  1. Good luck on the ride! If the weather is cooperative I’m sure you’ll have a good time. I sent in donations to the Dart Society and Kuumba Lynx also. Hope you make your goal!

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  3. Hey Jeff,
    I spent most of my money on my most recent trip out west to photograph along the Colorado River, but I’m going to give you something. For starters, I’m going to give you some advice and please take it from someone who survived a traumatic brain injury: I just looked at that picture of you in your bike helmet and you definitely need to have it re-adjusted. It’s waaay to far back on your head. I mean, if you take a header with it cocked back like that…bang… right in the frontal lobes, where your executive function is. The helmets are pretty easy to adjust. Just tighten up the straps in the front of the helmet a little. Takes two or three minutes, at most.

    And in solidarity, I’m going for a ride tomorrow, too. I won’t tell you how long.

    Fix the helmet and enjoy the day on the bike, Dart comrade. Looks like you might get a little rain there at some point.


    • jeffkellylowenstein3

      Thanks very much, John, for your good wishes, advice, and donation, and will do!

      And I’m totally jazzed that you’ll be riding today, too. Kari Lydersen will be joining me for part of the ride, so that makes three of us. Do you mind snapping a picture of yourself and sending it to Deirdre so that we can put it on the blog?

      You rock!


  4. Damn. I meant to write “too far,” not “to far.”

  5. Jeff! Today’s ride day, right??? I hope you have beautiful weather, invigorating breezes where you need them, and an all-around lovely time! Thanks for connecting Dart to the memory of people so dear to you — and to the buckets of sweat sure to come 🙂

    I can’t figure out the donation thing — my Internet kind of sucks way out here — but let me know where I can send a check? I’m still living like a college student, but I can send something. And I’m cheering you on!!

    • jeffkellylowenstein3

      Thanks, Jina, for your note and good wishes. Kari will be joining me for part of the ride, so it will have a 2009 fellow flavor! 🙂

      You can just address the check to the Dart Society and send it to Deirdre. Sorry about the donation hassles. I’ll forward you her address in a minute.

      The day is a bit overcast and windy and might rain later, and I’m thrilled that Dunreith and I will be joined by our son Aidan for the first leg! 🙂

      Thanks again, and hope all is well with you. Let’s catch up soon!


  6. Jeff,
    Man, I didn’t see your request for a photo until after I got back a couple hours ago, so I’m sorry, but no photo. As a substitute, I’m going to attempt to send a GPS record of my morning’s ride. Didn’t get my computer going properly until about 1 km in, but I actually started and finished at the same spot. I don’t really know if it’s going to work or not though and my helper monkey who usually takes care of I.T. has the day off, probably to go oversee production at the Monkey Butt Powder plant that Dierdre referred to earlier.

    Note that on our ride we stopped at an independent coffee place, rather than a Starbucks, principally because Bunbury Coffee refers to a small coffee as a “small coffee,” rather than a “tall coffee.” Also, Starbucks does not serve Dogs Bollix blend.

    How did your conditions work out there today? Hoping that you didn’t have to slog it out in the rain. After a bunch of wind and rain yesterday from the remains of a tropical storm that passed over us, it was a great day to ride here.


    • jeffkellylowenstein3

      We did have a ton of rain and stopped at, but did not buy anything from, the Starbucks in Glencoe.


  7. OK, Jeff. Maybe this link to the GPS ride map will work. Keep in mind that I am certifiably insane (check with Frank on this) and that I have been going on rides like this since I was maybe 14-years-old. That said, I believe that 100km rides are a fantastic activity for normal human beings, too. More power to you, brother (even though I know that Jon is your actual brother).

  8. In the RAIN, you did it! With a honking headwind, to boot! Jeff, you are a veritable Flemish hard man!

    Much respect and good on you for doing it for a real purpose.

    • jeffkellylowenstein3

      Thanks, my man. You know your words mean a lot to me since I think so highly of you! I tried to apply your helmet advice, too!


  9. Hey Jeff,
    How’re the thighs?
    103 kilometers- that was some bike ride! Well done.
    Look forward to hearing all about it once you’ve recovered.
    All the best
    Ronke x

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