New Record, Milestone.

A record day for page views has me ready to celebrate, Kool and the Gang style.

Hey,  folks,

Just a quick note to say that yesterday a record 6,047 people came to the site!

Thanks to everyone who did so.  We hope you return.

We also passed the 400,000 page view mark yesterday.  Given that last year at this time we had close to 40,000 page views,   that’s pretty impressive stuff.

Please keep the comments and page views coming.  You are what makes this community work.

Thanks again, and enjoy the day!


3 responses to “New Record, Milestone.

  1. The slope of the graph is rising! And I like the Kool and the Gang cover to mark the milestones–one of the best songs ever! Congratulations. I can only imagine the hours this has taken.

  2. Congratulations Jeff! proves you’re offering powerful, insightful, thought-provoking words!

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