Nine days until the 100 km fundraising bike ride.

Dunreith and I will be biking in honor of her father and my stepmother on October 2.

The countdown is on.

On Saturday, October 2-that is, in nine days-Dunreith and I will head out on a fundraising bike ride.

She will join me for some portion of the ride, which will be 100 kilometers in all.

The most I’ve ever ridden in a day before is about 44 miles, so I’m anticipating the ride to be a stretch, but not an unduly burdensome one.

I’m riding to raise money for four separate causes.

As readers of this blog know, this year has been a tough one in our family, as we’ve lost Dunreith’s father and my stepmother.

Dunreith and I have created a page on the Massachusetts Alzheimer’s Association where people who want to give to that organization can do so in honor of Marty, her dad.

For those people who are willing to contribute, our first name is “Dunreith and Jeff” and our last name is “Kelly Lowenstein.”

We'll bike in honor of Marty.

We’ve also set up a page in honor of my stepmother Diane Lowenstein on the Society of Saint John the Evangelist who are so inclined.

We'll ride in honor of Diane, too.

I’m also honored to serve on the boards of two remarkable organizations-Kuumba Lynx and the Dart Society.

I’ve set up pages for each of those groups for anyone who wants to support them.

Here is the Kuumba Lynx link to give and here is the Dart Society link.

In addition to Dunreith’s joining me for the first leg of the ride, about 10 performance artists from Kuumba Lynx who are doing their own fundraising will go along, too.  A friend and Dart Fellow may join me for one of the event’s latter stages.

My goal is to raise $1,000 per charity, or $4,000 in all.

We welcome any help you can give, and want to be clear that spreading the word counts.


7 responses to “Nine days until the 100 km fundraising bike ride.

  1. Count us in for $100. Good luck and thanks so much for your efforts for this important cause. I will send the donation to you? Or should I go to the site?

    • jeffkellylowenstein3

      Thanks, Ginna! You are our first donor! 🙂 If it’s all right, please try the site first and let me know if you have any problems.

      Thanks very much to both of you.


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  3. I’ll match Ginna’s contribution, Jeff. I’m making mine to The Society of Saint John the Evangelist, which happens to be a fifteen minute drive from my house. I’ve always wanted to know more about their chapel on Memorial Drive. Starting with a contribution in Diane’s honor is a fine way to start.

    On October 2, remember to keep your Lance Armstrong instincts in check when you see those riders in fancy aerodynamic lycra outfits bust out of the gate. Easy does it, rock steady the whole way.

    • jeffkellylowenstein3

      Thanks for the contribution and wise words. I’ll try my best to head them! Fortunately, I’ll have company most of the way, which should keep me grounded! 🙂

      Hope all is well with you.

      Let’s talk soon.



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