Daily Archives: July 29, 2010

Gov. Quinn signs nursing home reform legislation.

Surrounded by a host of lawmakers and speaking to a packed room, Gov. Pat Quinn signed sweeping nursing home reform legislation today.

Among the key provisions: an increase during the next four years in daily care for residents required skilled care from 2.5 hours to 3.8 hours.

Three of the people at the event were members of Mr. Bennie Saxon’s family.  A World War II veteran,  Saxon fell from a fourth-floor window to his death at the Alden Wentworth facility last May.   The home, and another owned by Floyd Schlossberg, the area’s biggest nursing homes operator were the site of the first two protests held by the Civic Action Network.

The law does not by itself end nursing home disparities or abuse, but it does create a legal standard to which owners, workers and residents must be accountable.

We worked long and hard with the organizers and members of the Civic Action Network on the issue of racial disparities last year at The Chicago Reporter, it feels tremendously gratifying to have been a small part of this process.