Daily Archives: July 15, 2010

Striving to write better, Jon Franklin’s book

Jon Franklin's Writing for Story has a lot of useful tips about how to make your words sing.

I operate on multiple fronts as a journalist.

One is the data front.  In each project we do, we work to get or build datasets that we analyze and use the findings we generate to drive our reporting.

The reporting is the second front.  We seek to investigate issues thoroughly, to be skeptical of conventional wisdom, and to not just surface problems, but explain their causes and point toward possible solutions.

The writing is a third and critical front.  We attempt to write compelling stories that touch some emotional chord with the reader and nudge him or her to some different understanding, and then action, on the issue we are tackling.

At times, we can get so excited about working with data that we don’t pay a commensurate amount of attention to the writing.

Enter Jon Franklin.

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