Father’s Day Thoughts

We are in mid-afternoon of a gorgeous Father’s Day here today, and I have already received many gifts.

For starters, I’ve received the gift of movement and community.

Dunreith and I participated in the 10th Annual Race Against Hate. Created in honor of the late Ricky Byrdsong, the former Northwestern University basketball coach who was killed by white supremacist, the event features 5k and 10k runs as well as a children’s mile and drew thousands of people.  Dunreith walked the 5k, while I ran.  Although my time was slower than last year, my wind felt solid, I sprinted the final tenth of a mile and am walking without pain.

I’ve had gifts of connection, having chatted on the phone with Dad, who is relaxing and enjoying the day, and with my brother-in-law, Josh. We chatted about ordinary topics-Diane’s health, our kids’ summer activities, movies, the World Cup and the week at Write-by-the Lake-and it was soothing to share, and deepen ever so slightly, our bonds.

I’ve had gifts of nourishment and indulgence.  After the race, Dunreith and I went home, rested a bit and then set off to Starbucks, where I had a biennial Venti mocha frappuccino.  I hadn’t drunk one this year, and the distance was long enough to make me resolve not to have another for at least a similar length of time.

Above all, I’ve had gifts of love-of writing this blog post, of walking with the woman I’ve chosen to share my life, and of spending time with the son I’ve had the pleasure and honor to raise.

This is just a smattering of what the day has brought thus far.  I extend all good wishes to other fathers and your families on this day.


2 responses to “Father’s Day Thoughts

  1. happy father’s day!

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