Departing Interns, Marian Wright Edelman’s Lanterns

Marian Wright Edelman writes about her mentors; we try to serve as guides for the interns who work here.

In addition to going through the final stages on our upcoming issue, we are also saying goodbye to a couple of our interns today, two of whom have been here every day for the past quarter.

Between their research, fact checking and writing, interns make vital contributions to our publication.  We take seriously working with them as part of our commitment to nurture the next generation of journalists.  Our knowledge that a certain number of the interns, especially now, are weighing going into other fields because journalism’s future is so uncertain.

In short, we try to mentor them.

I have written before about Paul Tamburello, my former fourth grade teacher, as well as Marian Wright Edelman’s Lanterns, her tribute to the people who formed her.

By writing about a vareity of mentors, Edelman makes an important point about learning from people throughout her life, rather than at one single time.   

I hope that at times we play a similar role for the young people who work with us.


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